Fully Innovative Agricultural Software Company is a small sole proprietorship dedicated to providing quality software for use by people with average computer skills looking for tools to automate complex tasks such as land-leveling design or pesticide use monitoring. 
AgSuite is a suite of agricultural software for use by farmers, parts of which are general-purpose while other parts have been written to satisfy specialized needs on an individual basis. All software is written from scratch using C++ and designed to run on all available Windows platforms and take full advantage of the facilities provided by these operating systems to provide state-of-the-art technology transparently to the user. 
The company is owned by Karl Button, a Central Arizona farmer with 25 years of experience in farming in Arizona and elsewhere and 15 years experience in software design and implementation.

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A line of software products built from an agricultural perpective, based on agricultural experience, and designed purposefully for use by ordinary persons engaged in everyday agricultural endeavor.



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Fully Innovative Agricultural Software Company